Tagger Foil

The main use of Tagger foils is make food containers and container lids. At Aluminium Foil India, we produces Tagger foils in mainly 3 categories such as soft, hard and half hard tagger foils. Container Foil is basically used to parcel food in hotels or either at home. Today a majority of hotels are using container foils for take away facilities. We provide container foils according to the specification of the client.

Aluminum Foil India manufactures soft, hard and half hard tagger foil with the following general specification. Final Specification are made as per agreed contract with the customer.

Aluminium Foil

Hard or Soft (fully annealed) Aluminium alloy AA-1200 Aluminium foil conforming to Aluminium Association specification. The foil is coated, uncoated, without lubrication or Pre lubricated.

Thickness Options
0.03 mm ±8% -0.035 mm ± 8%
0.04 mm ±8% -0.045 mm ±8%
0.05 mm ±8% -0.06 mm ± 8%
0.064 mm ±8% -0.07 mm ± 8%
0.075 mm ±8% -0.08 mm ± 8%
0.1 mm ± 8%  

Coating / Lubrication

Colourless protective lacquer or lubricant confirming to be applicable regulations regarding direct contact with foods and drugs. Coloured lacquer can be provided if specified by the customer

Coating / Lubrication
Coating 1.5 ± 0.5 GSM on each coated side
Lubrication 1 ± 0.2 GSM on each coated side


Tagger foils are available in reel form CORE MATERIAL AND CORE ID Aluminium of I.D 76 mm + 0.5 mm

Core Length : Equal to the width of web.
Reel Width : As specified + 0.5 mm.
Reel OD : 250 ± 10 mm with maximum two joints.
Splices : Butt type made with 25 mm pressure sensitive self adhesive tape.
Reel Wander : Within ± 1 mm
Identification : Each reel shall be indentified with a ticket having reel no., thickness, width and manufacturing date.
Packing : Packed in wooden crate with individual reels packed in cardboard box. Relevant markings are provided in crate and also on each of individual cartons.
Test Certificates Test certificate giving the actual observed values of different parameters would accompany the supplies.