Aluminium Foil Based Laminates

Aluminium Foil Based Laminates

SunPro Group, a leading manufacturer and supplier of Aluminium Foil-Based Laminates. We specialize in creating high-quality laminates that cater to diverse packaging needs across industries.Aluminium Foil-Based Laminates are composite materials made up of layers of aluminum foil bound together with additional materials such as plastic films or paper. These laminates combine the advantageous features of aluminum foil (such as barrier protection, heat resistance, and flexibility) with the strengths of other materials to produce adaptable packaging solutions.

Our Aluminium Foil-Based Laminates offer exceptional barrier properties, heat resistance, and flexibility, making them ideal for various applications including:

Food Packaging: Our laminates are used for packaging snacks, ready-to-eat meals, dairy products, and more, ensuring freshness and protection against external elements.

Pharmaceutical Packaging: We provide laminates for pharmaceutical products, ensuring safety, sterility, and shelf-life extension.

Industrial Applications: Our laminates are also used in industrial settings for insulation, protective covers, and specialized packaging requirements.

Advantages of Aluminium Foil-Based Laminates

The main advantage of aluminium foil-based laminates is their superior barrier characteristics. They form a strong barrier against moisture, gases (such as oxygen and light), and scents, thereby shielding the contents from external elements that can degrade product quality and shelf life. Aluminium Foil-Based Laminates are flexible and can be easily adapted to various packaging shapes and sizes. This flexibility allows for creative and efficient packaging designs that enhance product presentation and convenience. Aluminium Foil-Based Laminates, with their outstanding barrier capabilities, assist extend the shelf life of packaged products by protecting them from moisture, oxygen, and light, retaining freshness and quality.

Packaging End Uses

  • Semi Rigid Foil Containers – Bakery Goods, Frozen Foods and other
  • Caps, cap–liners and packaging closures for Beverages, milk, foods and other
  • Composite cans and canisters – Powdered drinks, auto supplies, Food snacks, Citrus and other juices, Refrigerated dough, other frozen food products
  • Flexible Packaging end uses – labels, cartons, over wraps, wrappers, capsules, bags, pouches, seal hoods and overlays for semi rigid foil containes.
  • Military specification packaging

Nonpackaging End Uses

  • Household foil
  • Institutional foil
  • Gift wrap
  • Florist foil
  • Decorative uses, n.e.c. (including fancy paper, match covers, displays, novelties, ornaments, etc.)
  • Nonpackaging end uses, n.e.c. (including chaff
  • Scrap, waste, and unaccounted for

Aluminum Foil Applications

  • Containers and Packaging
  • Semi-Rigid Foil Containers
  • Household & Institutional Foil
  • Food Service Product
  • Other Foil Uses
  • Foil Building Products
  • Aluminum Foil Capacitors
  • Aluminum Foil Finstock
  • Aluminum Foil Strip Conductor
  • Aluminum Honeycomb
  • Aluminum Foil Printing Plates
  • Nameplates & Product Labels
  • Caul Stock
  • Foil Printing Stocks
  • Other Foil Applications

Selected non converted foil products

  • Unmounted, unconverted foil stock sold to end users for candy and gum wraps
  • Insulation foil and building products
  • Capacitor(condenser) Foil
  • Fin Stock (under .006")
  • Strip Conductor stock (under .006")
  • Litho plate stock
  • Christmas tree stock
  • Honeycomb stock
  • Nameplate and decorative trim stock